LTC/SNF/hospice assignments for travel nurses?

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    Just wondering if LTC, SNF, or hospice assignments are available for travel nurses, as opposed to acute care/hospitals? Thanks in advance!
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    Thanks for your reply! Can you tell me anything about the availability and length of such assignments, requirements (certifications, BSN, etc.), and salary range for such positions? TIA.
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    BLS of course and probably ACLS, for sure if it is an LTACH. There is some specialty certification for LTC I believe, but no matter the specialty, it is just a resume enhancer and manager will always take experience and references first. If everything else is equal, they may pick the candidate with specialty certification. BSN, no. Hourly pay is often similar to local prevailing wages but with some tax advantages and housing paid. Too many variations in pay to be more specific, it would be better addressed for your specific specialty, skills, experience, facility, and location with a couple of agencies.
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    Thanks again for your reply, NedRN!

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