lpn travel nurse pay

  1. what is the pay for lpn travel nurse. considering it but cant find anything about pay
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  3. by   klone
    I didn't know travel companies employed LPNs. Have you looked in the "Travel Nursing" forum?
  4. by   lpngraf
    No Is the travel nurse forum on this site and how to get there. thanks
  5. by   royalnurse2b
    I do know that LPN/LVN's are used as travelers with some agencies. I have encountered them on a few different occasions here in northern California working with Hospice agencies. They have often been the reps to come out and facilitate discharges due to expiration. One was really nice and she told me that she was getting paid $40 an hour, paid rental car, and paid living expenses. She said the most exciting part is that her family was in San Jose so she wasn't that far from home. This was in 2010 and like I said this is what SHE told me, so I'm not that sure her potrait is correct because that seems like a dream.