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Low pay in NYC?

  1. 0 Hi, I'm about to get my first assignment for NYC and received a couple of offers, but they seem pretty low to me, can you please comment on them? FYI, I'm a med/surge nurse with 3 yrs experience. First one was 23.71 per hour and a total of $1100/wk after taxes, including housing stipend, Second, I forgot the rate, but it was $1230/wk after taxes, incl housing stipend.I've been looking at apartments in manhattan and I'll be lucky to find a furnished 1 bedroom shoebox for 2100-2200/month. Therefore, if I do elect to take the assignment, I'll be working 2 weeks just to cover my rent. Does the package seem low to you?
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    As a traveler in Manhattan, that is about what I am getting. Look at sublet.com or hotpads.com. You may want to search corporate housing and see what is there.
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    Uh that sounds really low. I have always been paid in the 30's, not including stipend. You're getting played
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    I have been told that most (all?) assignments in NYC pay poorly because of the high cost of housing. Since so many people want to work there, they can offer a low hourly rate because there will always be more qualified candidates than openings. I'd say take the housing and enjoy the experience. Good luck!
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    Fastaff had positions paying > $40/hr and provided free housing. If you decided to take the stipend, the hourly rate would remain the same