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licensing for virgin islands

  1. 0 Does anyone know how to go about checking into applying for a license in the Virgin Islands? How about any companies that place in St. Thomas? Thank you.
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    I don't know but would love for you to tell us when you find out. When young and single I visited Barbados and was interested in working there when they told me they were not interested in having American nurses work there. That was the mid eighties and I always wondered if that was so...
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    i think u'll be able to find there number at
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    Abetta Care places there and helps with the license. They say it is pretty cheap.
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    The Virgin Islands are walk thru, which means you get a temp/license the same day you apply in person. Or it was a walk thru.

    Virgin Islands Board of Nurse Licensure
    Veterans Drive Station
    St. Thomas, VI 00803
    Voice: 340.776.7397
    Fax: 340.777.4003

    Contact Person: Winifred Garfield, CRNA, RN, Executive Secretary

    This board doesn't have a website, you have to call them.

    Good luck, and be careful!