Keep, Rent, or SELL!!!!!!

  1. Hi guys!!!
    So I am going to be starting as a travel nurse in January 2013, however I rent a house that I plan on keeping. I had a couple of options once I start traveling I could:
    A. Keep my house, and come back every couple of months.
    B. Keep my house and rent it out.
    C. Give up my place and move back in with my parents
    I'm so over the place I dont know what the best option is. I was really hoping to seek some advice from other travelers.
    So some background is I live in a multi-family house, with my sibilings staying above me. So if I leave my house vacant I can rely on my siblings to look out for my place. Also my parents own the house so It's not like I have a contract or anything to keep the house if I decied against it.
    Thanks in advance!!!!
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