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Hello all, I'm a relatively new nurse, I've worked in Outpatient Dialysis for a year. Recently, I've been putting some thought into travel nursing. However I don't know how to go about looking... Read More

  1. by   oldpsychnurse
    I traveled for a while. Never even had to leave my state, but could have if I'd wanted to. After reading some of the comments here, I've seen some things that should never happen. For example, you should never have to pay to get licensed in another state. The travel agency should either pay upfront or reimburse you. And I never searched specific agencies. I went on-line and found the jobs I was interested in and then contacted the agency. Use an on-line job site to find what you want. I like You can to there, type in Travel RN Dialysis and see what pops up. I think most travel agencies want 2 years experience, but it depends on how desperate the need is. Good luck! Traveling can be really fun.