How hard is it to maintain consecutive jobs as a traveler? How hard is it to maintain consecutive jobs as a traveler? | allnurses

How hard is it to maintain consecutive jobs as a traveler?

  1. 0 I am about to embark on the journey as a travel nurse and have just recently been enlightened that it is often difficult to maintain consecutive jobs as a travel nurse and/or maintain a decent pay. I am looking for ensight from anyone with experience with this. What is the best way to ensure continuous employment?
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    Assuming you maintain a "home base" and are leaving a position, my advice would be to remain casual/per diem at that facility. If that doesn't work, try remaining per diem (yes, at a lower rate than your travel rate) at your current contract IF you think you'll have 2-4 weeks off in between an assignment. If they've hired you as a traveler, they'll probably have continued staffing needs and will GLADLY keep you - for a lower rate - for a few more weeks. Good luck!
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    I would be cautious about accepting a position as staff without fully reading your employment contract, employee handbook and such with your travel agency. Most have a "non Compete" clause forbidding you from being employed at a facility without their placement. It's hit me twice. Had to skip a year at one hospital before returning with another company. Only place it worked was in Hawaii. Union maybe??
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    My attitude, especially in this economy, is WHAT THEY DON'T KNOW, WON'T HURT THEM. If the facility has continued needs and you KNOW you're headed somewhere else, say, in a month (but you need to work for another few weeks), then the facility isn't going to say anything to the agency. At the end of the day, I do what's best for me (without, if I can help it, burning any bridges). The agencies will do the same...
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    I have been able to stay on as traveler at assignments if there is a known lag time. Even for two week increments. No problem. They are glad to keep you, has been my experience.
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    I stayed "on-call" with my hospital at home, that helped cusion any lenthy breaks between assignments. I have a hard specialty to place, so I can have a hard time finding consecutive positions, but I know how much time I can safely take off between assignments and if things get tight, I pick up shifts at my old hospital.