For those who have travel experience

  1. What do you find to be the most frustrating aspect of travel nursing? What is the most rewarding aspect?
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  3. by   Sage1111
    What a great thought provoking question! When I agree to go to a facility as a traveler, I desire to be part of a team giving great care to patients. More often than not, I get the worst assignments daily and am the lone nurse that floats to other units 100% of the required time. Very frustrating!! My most rewarding experiences involve being a resource to the staff. I really have learned a ton over the many years of my career and I enjoy sharing info.when able/needed.
  4. by   BluntForceTrauma
    Most rewarding aspects: you get to learn new things everyday, you learn different ways of doing things, you get to see new surroundings every 8-12 weeks...

    Floating is not necessarily a bad may like it better somewhere else. But it does suck when you float for only 4 hours. Sometimes you get home sick or course. I have heard of travelers getting the worst assignments, but from what I have seen, they try not to give the travelers very sick pts until you have "proven yourself worthy". You may get the one shouting all day, crawling out of bed, or pooping all day though. :-)