First Assignment! How does this sound?

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    Heeey everyone!

    I've been offered my first ever (AAAHHH!!!) travel assignment! I'm looking for all your wonderful opinions!

    The job is at Memorial Hermann Southeast. Has anyone ever worked there or have any idea what this hospital is like? The pay is $29/hr (19.75/hr tax) for 13 weeks. $1300/month in housing but im planning on taking the free private housing.

    I'm so anxious and really looking forward to travelling but I dont want to make any uninformed, quick decisions. I feel like I have researched for hours on end on allnurses as well as other websites but I know there are some seasoned travellers here and would LOVE your opinon!

    Thanks sooo much for your help!!!

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    I am travel decipher but I won't reveal where so u don't think I havemoyives here...that package is quite low unless u are working on a nonspecialty floor Luke med surf and they are not requiring an acls
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    Memorial Hermann in Houston doesn't pay well at all. But the housing stipend should be a bit higher. I've been here since June and the average is $1500.
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    Sorry about the typos- auto correct was going crazy on my phone~!
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    last minute change in the game lol
    i switched agencies and am now considering a job at ben taub emergency, $33.25 an hour, paid weekly about $950 i believe. the housing was $1400 a month, but i think im just going to take the agency housing... i googled it, doesnt look too bad, plus im coming from a ways away so finding my own housing would be difficult i think for my first assignment.

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