Ever heard of Fusion?

  1. 0 I am contemplating one of their offers but I have never heard of them...have you?
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    They were just allied. Guess they are adding nurses. No jobs listed on their site for RNs.
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    They offer very competitive packages, and the recruiter seems top-notch. Like you, I noticed their RN job search is blank...they called me and I stil do not know how they got my number!What did they specialize in before?
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    If they have a real job you want with good pay, why not? The danger with such a company is that they may not have a lot of hospital clients, but rather clinics. As such, they may use your profile to market their agency to new hospitals that they don't have a contract with. This is not necessarily bad, especially if they pay you extra to be their first representative, but sometimes getting a new facility contract takes way too long for any traveler to wait. It is really good to know if that is the case. It once took me three weeks to find that out early in my career. I was interviewed, accepted, but never started because of the lack of the agency to facility underlying contract. Which no one told me.
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    This might have just been the case. After collecting all my information, they called me the next morning to tell me the position had already been filled (which could be true). Now they have my profile! In the mentime, I accepted another offer with a reliable company I worked for before. Bird in hand......

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