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Citrus Memorial in Inverness FL

  1. 0 Has anyone done an assignment at Citrus Memorial in Inverness FL? Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    I am from Florida. I know from others that that facility is a nice one. It's a cute, small town and if you are a friendly, helpful individual, you should do great.

    It's a very southern place so expect the southern food diners (YUM) and the fried chicken, fried goodies with like 1 Wal Mart in the area , a couple of grocery stores there and well, it isn't in a well off area so just take what you need and nothing more. Not a high crime place but it is not affluent by any means.
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    I did an assignment there in Oct 01 and stayed for nine months. I was on PCU and the staff was very friendly and helpfull to travelers. The only drawback was that you float all over the hospital; ER holding, L&D , anywhere. I know for a fact that several travelers out stayed their limit which was at that time 2 years.
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    I have never worked there, but I had a friend who worked there and she said it was nice. The only thing she did not like was the fact that it's a very small town.