Cardon Children's Hospital- Mesa, AZ

  1. Has anyone been to Cardon Children's in Mesa, AZ? I was wondering what your experience was like and how the sim lab testing was? I just accepted a position starting in Dec-March. Pay seems decent and I have heard the area is nice. Thanks.
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  3. by   79Tango
    Ive never worked there but I know exactly where it is... WOW, good for you. I didnt know Banner was still using travelers. I sent you a private message, that location is 10-15 min from everything-- Airport, ASU, Scottsdale, Spring training, Nightlife, etc. I lived 1-mile from there while going to college about 4 years ago.
  4. by   kymgc76
    My first and fourth travel assignments were at Cardon Children's on the hem/onc and infant/toddler floors. I am now a permanent staff member (relocating from the Philly area). Everyone here is super nice and team players. The hospital itself is in a great location, close to the highway, with lots of shopping and whatnot. Usually in the winter the census picks up and there are plenty of opportunities to pickup extra time if interested. Travelers do get pulled first, but I never had any problem on any floor. They give you assignments that are appropriate for you. Good luck and congrats!
  5. by   79Tango
    Kymgc76, thanks for sharing.. What are the housing stipends for that area like? I have a fully furnished condo on Alma/Southern that sits empty about 8months out of the year.
  6. by   kymgc76
    I had great housing about 6 miles from the hospital in Gilbert, but my travel company no longer uses it. The second time I was here I was housed in Scottsdale, 20 miles from the hospital. Alma & Southern is pretty close to Cardon, Im not sure which apartments are there but I can check. There's a lot of shops and grocery stores in that area. The streets are on a grid so it's easy to find your way. My apartments were always clean as well as the furniture. I had no problems in either apartment.
  7. by   nurse1day

    I actually just took a travel position at this facility from December to March. I will be working on the pedi heme onc floor. I am currently looking for a place to live any other suggestions? Thanks
  8. by   Jennabebe
    I will be on the Pedi Hem/Onc floor also nurse1day. Do you start orientation on Dec.12?
  9. by   nurse1day
    Yes I also start on December 12th. Where will you be staying? I am currently looking for a place to stay. Have you found somewhere or will you be taking company housing. You can email me if you want
  10. by   79Tango
    If you have the name or location of the "company housing" let me know and ill tell you if its ghetto or not.
  11. by   nursebazzocco
    Congrats to all the nurse who got a temp. position at Cardon's for the winter. I just got my phone call today offering me a winter position on the toddler/infant floor too! I'm a little nervous since I have only been a nurse for 4 months and they decided to give me a chance! I am really hoping for a good experience.
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  12. by   Jennabebe
    For all of you that live in area. The options I was told for housing are Promontory Pointe in Pheonix, Moringside in Scottsdale, and Sycamore Creek in Scottsdale. Do any of you know anything about these places? If I go by reviews on the internet alone I would never move anywhere! Thanks.
  13. by   79Tango
    Do they use a housing coordinator or is it they refer you to a private property manager? I cant believe those are the options they gave for that facility. There is TONS of housing all within 5-10 minutes from the hospital. I would be trying to find something in Chandler, Mesa, Tempe and thats it.

    1)SUPER FAR (competely on the other side of town)
    2)Pretty FAR (Extreme North Scottsdale)
    3)Not to FAR (ASU Party Time)
  14. by   Jennabebe
    That was through an e-mail from the housing department on my company. They seem far and the reviews are horrible. I never do my own housing because I don't want to deal with the hassle. Does anyone know of furnished apartments for a decent price in Chandler, Mesa, or Tempe?