BSN Requirement for Travel

  1. Curious what other travelers take is on the current requirement for BSN for permanent staff positions trend is. Do you see this trend expanding into the travel field as well?
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  3. by   NedRN
    Supply and demand rules. If there are more advanced degrees and long career travelers available, the newer travelers will suffer. Perhaps in 25 years this will be an issue. 20 years ago they were thinking this would be important, and ND no longer graduated non-BSN prepared nurses. That only lasted a couple of years. Did you know that the difference in education between ADN and BSN is exactly one semester? If a hospital wants a 6 month BSN over my 20 years of experience, I'm not letting my mother go to that hospital when she needs care.
  4. by   tryingtolearn
    We do not see that trend yet here in the south (Arkansas). The hospitals around here only distinguish AASN from BSN when it comes to management.....and even then it matters more who you are/know, what you have done, and whether you are in school or not.
  5. by   happymedium
    Couldn't agree more Ned. I have just completed my first year as a traveler, and can't see myself returning to a staff position any time soon. I am really enjoying the freedom and autonomy that a travel career provides. I did however experience the downturn in 2008 when I first attempted the transition. I had to return to my permanent position and was fortunate to be able to at that time. I always check on permanent positions in the event there would be another downturn. I have never felt compelled to go further with a BSN for the same reasons you have stated. I do remember when a hospital I worked at before graduating 12 years ago did not hire new grads as part of their policy.
  6. by   RNFiona
    A lot of the NYC hospitals were doing that before the hurricane and then they started making exceptions because they realized they had bitten off their nose to spite their face.