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At a travel nursing an option?

  1. 0 So I am starting to think that the company I currently work for is going to go under sooner rather than later. Things are getting pretty bad, management is horrible, and job security is definitely a thing of the past. I am afraid it might be best to get out now before things get worse. I currently commute 1 hour to work each day, and guess I have a few options. 1) stay where I am and pray it doesn't get worse, 2) try to get another job at a similar unit in the opposite direction, but with a similar commute, and 3) go into travel nursing.
    Travel nursing is what I would prefer to do, but I definitely have some concerns. I am a newer nurse and started as a new grad in a level III NICU 15 months ago. My main concern is that with my experience I will not be able to get assignments consistently and may have blocks of time before assignments where I can't find work. That worries me. I have been cross-trained in my current job to work in PEDS or PICU, and am currently being trained to go on NICU transports/deliveries. I am hoping that those things will increase my marketability (not a word, but ohwell) but I am just worried about keeping work. Do I have a chance at travel nursing?
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    There is always a chance! But you are still in a steeper learning curve than you want to be as a traveler and gaining valuable experience for your CV. I would stay right there until month 24 and then reassess. If you get dumped before that, well then a choice has been made. In the interim, it doesn't hurt to start talking to a few agencies and learning about what kind of agency you want to go with, and establishing some relationships.
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    hospitals expect travelers to hit the ground running. better be sure!