Are you finding long gaps of time between assignments?

  1. 0 My family and I are planning on relocating to the Denver area in early May, from central AZ. I've decided at that time, that I'm going to try travel nursing (in the Denver/Front Range area). I've never done this before, have always have a permanent, fulltime position. I've heard that in the past couple years, with the economy as it is, travel nursing positions have become more scarce. I know that at our own hospital, we no longer have any travelers in our department (OB), and in fact, many of the regular staff nurses are frequently put on low-census standby, whereas a few years ago we regularly hired travelers.

    We're concerned about continuity of work as a traveler. Are you finding that it's hard to find regular work if you're not willing to relocate anywhere in the US?

    We've decided that I'll give it a try for a year, and if I have difficulty obtaining regular work, I'll look for a permanent position somewhere.
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