Anyone else considered travel nursing?

  1. Hi, All

    I just learned about travel nursing and I'm quite interested! I do have a few things I wanted to get some information about:
    1. Anyone travel nursing right now?
    2. How do you like it?
    3. Did you move out of your apartment? What did you do about your stuff?
    4. Did you drive or fly?
    5. Is your apartment furnished by your agent?
    6. In your new place, do you have things like microwave, kitchen supplies, etc?
    7. What did you pack?
    I know these are quite a few questions, but I want to travel and I think this could be a really great option for me. Any help, advice, especially on did you drive, what you did with your stuff and did you buy all new kitchen, household stuff at each new place would be most helpful

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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    Go to Specialties in the yellow bar at the top of this window, scroll down to Travel Nursing, and ask them!