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Hi Everyone! I need some advice. I am trying to start nursing school . I am in Dallas, Texas. I decided I would first get my LVN then go back and get my RN. Just because I think for me it will be... Read More

  1. by   tanika0428
    Congrats Txgal34! and all graduates. I am thinking seriously about Concorde myself. Doing the LVN then bridging. Txgal, can you tell me if there was an entrance exam to get into Concorde and if so was it difficult? And what type of facility hired you being a new student w/ a darn good pay like you got??
  2. by   txgal34
    ...for concorde you have to take the NET test. they used to sell the study guide, but no longer do (or so i have been told). but you can go on amazon.com or ebay and get a used one. you are required to acheive certain scores on the math and reading comprehension sections. their are a couple of other sections, but those are not used to compute the score. reading comprehension speaks for itself! math, you need to know fractions, decimals, and percents and how to convert each one to each one. though i took math up to calculus in high school...without the study guide i probably wouldn't have done well as i had been out of school for about 15 or so years. it just memorizing the formulas and the NET study guide walks you thru the study guide. i don't think the test is hard, just got to sharpen up on the math if it's been awhile. i work at an LTC and am very happy. you will do 720 clinical clock hours, and a little more than a third were at an LTC. initially i had never planned on the LTC route, but it's a perfect fit and i work with a great group of people. though one day i may wish to go to the hospital, the experience was negative and i don't mean the "LVN/RN thing". i mean as in LVN/PCT, LVN/LVN, LVN/RN, etc. very negative group of people seem to work at some of the hospitals. and while i would like to think this was just my clinical experience i have known others already in the field (even out-of-state) who left the hospital enviornment or the medical professional due to the hospital enviornment or other co-workers. i love my job and work with a great group of nurses, CNA's and staff! i only say this because if you do want to work in a hospital, do know as an LVN it is not impossible, but will be extremely challenging to find one to take an LVN.
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    Quote from TheCommuter
    I'm completing my bridge at a private technical school in OKC.
    Hi commuter - do you mind sharing your school. As I shared I am trying to figure out what to do about moving from California to Plano area of Texas due to my husband's work. My parents live in Oklahoma City so there is a possibility I could stay with them and my husband could take a small apartment in Dallas till I finish up schooling. It would help me with my daughter as well to have my parents support. Just a thought.
  4. by   lhendersonlpn
    I am looking for a good reasonable RN program to bridge in Dallas. Any suggestion?