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    Everyone who has applied to any Texas Versant Programs for 2014. Let's all chat here. I am going to be a Graduate Nurse in May. I have applied to various Texas Versant programs including: Texas Health Resources, Children's Medical, Parkland. If you've reached this post, you're searching the internet looking for more information too. It really helps when we can chat back and forth. Who knows maybe we'll be coworkers one day! Hopefully we can all keep each other informed during the process. Fingers and toes crossed! Good Luck everyone!!

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    I applied so I'm going to follow this thread.
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    I applied to the Versant program at Christus Santa Rosa in San Antonio.
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    They've slowly started taking down GN openings in the DFW area, I assume it's nearing a close.
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    I applied also, as well as parkland, Methodist, and childrens
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    I have applied to residencies/internships at Methodist, Parkland, Childrens, Baylor and THR. Just heard back and scheduled an interview for the NNICU at Parkland
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    Awesome! Good luck!! Are you a BSN? What's your GPA? I am going to be relocating from CA and I'm not 100% familiar with all that Texas hospitals look for. Good luck to everyone!! 😉
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    I just graduated this past December with my ASN and am currently enrolled into an RN to BSN program

    Honestly, I think landing a job here in Texas (at least Dallas), it's about who you know and how well you network. There are just too many new grads and nurses looking for jobs right now. Of course, having a BSN does help too.
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    It's like that here for sure. There aren't even any postings for new grad jobs in my area. Over here even if you work at a hospital already you're barely able to get a new grad position. Well, hopefully I'll get a call.
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    Does anyone have any information about the essay for THR? In threads from previous years it says to have it ready when they ask to interview you. I can't seem to find any specific information on it on their website.

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