UTMB Traditional BSN - Anyone who has completed/currently enrolled?

  1. 0 I am in the process of finishing up prerequisites and wanted to see if anyone could provide some insight on the Traditional BSN program at UTMB Galveston. I am also applying to two local ADN programs,(San Jac and Alvin Community College), however UTMB would be my first choice. My only concern with UTMB is how intense the program will be. I am a single mom to a five month old, however I do have a tremendous amount of family support, and I work part time as well. The ADN programs may be somewhat more forgiving towards my circumstances, however it will take much longer as I plan on getting my BSN after completion. If anyone who has completed or is currently enrolled in the program could offer me any insight on the program itself or their personal experience, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much in advance for any help or advice!
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