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    So it sounds like we are still on for tonight then
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    Ah! I'm so excited!
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    Awesome. I look forward to meeting everyone!
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    Awwww I wish I would've looked at this yesterday, I thought we were meeting tonight at 7pm Oh well...see everyone tomorrow!! Do we need our software by tomorrow?? I haven't purchased it yet...I haven't purchased the scrubs either...I'm such a procrastinator!
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    OMG i'm so excited I wish I would have known I was going to be accepted today and would have gone to meet everybody! I was waitlisted and was just granted acceptance TODAY I guess some ppl didn't show up to orientation. I'm super excited but I hope I didn't miss to much and I hope everything with fin aid, my classes, and books go well since its such short notice! would anyone happen to know the total amount for the required textbooks I plan on buying them tomorrow and the cost for the ID badge?
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    hello chensiqi,

    my name is Ya. I read your threads for a while and got a lot of useful information. I am an applicant of fall 2011.
    I took my teas and I scored at 72. I am wondering if this score could get me into the program. My gpa is somewhere at 3.4. Hope you could see this thread by chance. good luck to you
    p.s i am Asian

    Thanks in advance!

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    Have you done the teas test and if you have, what was your score. Also, do you know what is the maximum score you have to get in order to apply? I will appreciate your answer.

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    Hello Kelly. have you taken the Teas Test, if so, what was your score? Do you know what is the maximum score that UTMB requires. Do you think UTMB has accepted students with a 2.5 GPA, or do they just go for the 3.0 and above GPA. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Ana Arellano
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    Just to not be worry, what was your GPA when you apply to UTMB. Did you did the TEAS test, how well did you do? What score does UTMB required to accept you in. if you know? Hope to hear back from you.

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    There is no rhyme or reason how the nursing schools accept students. I don't really understand it. I scored a 79 on the Teas, 94 on the HESI, (with an 880 on Critical thinking-which IMO is very very important on getting in to UT). GPA 3.46, science 3.75. I got waitlisted to UTMB???(never got off of it), got accepted to UT and TWU. Chose UT. Interview seems veeeerrry important at UTMB and UT....I feel it's the deciding factor.
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    Hello. .)