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hello! I searched the site and seen no one made a topic about the people trying to enter in Fall 2013 so here is it :up: I am applying to UTMB for Fall 2013. I've written my personal statement and... Read More

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    Thank you! Also, do you feel like UTMB prepared you not only to pass the exit exams but for job prospects as well?

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    Quote from carlajeanx3
    Thank you! Also, do you feel like UTMB prepared you not only to pass the exit exams but for job prospects as well?
    Yes. The job market is very tough for new grads, even more so now that hospitals are waiting until after the NCLEX to even offer jobs. In the class that graduated last April, only one is still not working, however, that person only recently passed the NCLEX. Now, will we all get our top choice, dream job and the perfect hospital, on day shift? Um, nope. Will we all likely find some work, I really think so. There is a course taken your final semester - Capstone. It prepares you to transition from student nurse to graduate nurse. We've had a nurse recruiter from a major hospital visit the class to talk about how to get hired, etc. In the interviews I've had thus far, the managers have bragged on UTMB students.

    Methodist hospital has a program called MAPP - Methodist Advancement into Professional Practice. The students who were hired at the end of last year were majority UTMB. (The also get first dips on job interviews!) We're a well-respected program and hospitals like us.
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    Wow, that's great! Thanks for the information! It's nice to hear from someone who is going through it right now and get some fresh advice! Thank you!
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    I have a question that I'm sure has been answered somewhere in the past posts.. How were your stats before you got accepted? I have a 3.18 overall GPA with a 3.14 Sci GPA. Now.. while my GPA isn't the greatest, I got a 92% on my TEAS and I've worked as a PCA at St. Luke's in the Med Center for 2 years now which I've heard they do take into account.. I guess I'm really nervous about my low GPA making me ineligible.. I applied for the Spring 2013 semester and I was wait-listed with the same GPA but a TEAS score of 76% and having the higher score this time around does give me a little bit of hope.. Do they give preference to someone who was wait-listed in the past?

    Thank you for all of your helpful information!! You are a lifesaver to all of us Nervous Nancys
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    Did anyone else get a letter about applying to the honors program??
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    Hi guys I have an apartment available for sub-lease thats seriously less than 3 minute drive from campus with no traffic or problems! I was recent student at UTMB and had to leave due to an extreme family situation and unfortunatley I can't get out of my lease I know y'all haven't received acceptacne letters yet but if anyone is interested in potentially leasing please get back to me soon. You can email me at [COLOR=#003366]samanthawolfe2@aol.com if you're interested and we can get into further details then. Also if y'all have a facebook page please let me know so I can post on their as well. Good luck to all those applying!!
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    I also got a letter about the honors program.
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    For y'all that received letters about ye honors program, what is your stats if you don't mind me asking? So basically y'all know that y'all have been accepted! Congratulations
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    I have a 3.75 overall and about a 3.9 on my prereqs. I got right at a 90 overall on my TEAS.. I'm not sure about whether or not it means I'm accepted because this is just another applications process it seems and they only pick 5 people (or so it say in the letter--online it says 8). I asked if anyone else got it because i wasn't sure if everyone got the letter or I got it because I had a certain gpa or teas score requirement. Online its says you'r eligible for the program if you have over a 3.75, over a 90 on the TEAS, and no B's in your sciences, so I guess that means I got the letter because I met these requirements??
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    Thats awesome, i'm happy for you! My GPA and Teas test scores were not that high, i knew there was an honors program but i don't even qualify, but trust me i know for a fact if you have qualified for the honors program than you know you've been accepted, at least thats what i would think. Anyways thats awesome congrats again, i know they said the people that get accepted to the honors program get a big scholarship for the nursing program! I just hope they offer other scholarships for students who are not necessarily honors students! I just want to get accepted actually, lol

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