UTMB Accelerated Program Summer 2014

  1. Has any one applied to the UTMB accelerated Nursing Program for summer 14?

    Does anyone know what a competitive teas score for the accelerated program? Also, do they consider g.p.a for the accelerated program?
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  3. by   jmk31
    Hey has anyone applied for the UTMB Accelerated Program Summer 2014?

    Also, does anyone know the average teas score for the accelerated program?
  4. by   eddie.maruri
    I am applying to the program as well! I have no clue what the average is but I got a 92.6 and have a 3.53 gpa! hope that's good enough
  5. by   Bio89
    That definitely sounds competitive. I'm sure you'll be fine I am also applying for the program for next summer. I graduated from Sam Houston with a Biology degree. Hoping all that science will help out in Nursing classes if I get in! I am taking the TEAS test in 2 weeks
  6. by   ilovepink01
    I'm surprised I don't see many people on here. I am also applying for this summer 2014
  7. by   jennytmuw
    Yea where is everyone at? Well I guess it is still early since this program starts in May.
    I'm like "ugh" for not applying for the Spring semester, I never considered it
    I heard this year they will actually conduct interviews...

    Good luck to everyone!!!
  8. by   Bio89
    I wonder how many people they accept into their nursing program. Also, does anyone know how much of this is online? I had read on the website that some of it is online and some labs/clinicals are on campus.
  9. by   Kris101189
    I applied to Spring and Summer 2014. I had my interview for the Spring this past Wednesday. I find out in 2 weeks if I was accepted. My GPA is a 3.87 and my TEAS is a 77.4
  10. by   jmk31
    Kris 101189 When did you apply for the program?
  11. by   Kris101189
    Quote from jmk31
    Kris 101189 When did you apply for the program?
    For which program? Spring? I believe August or September was the deadline. For Summer I applied a few weeks ago as a back up option. I have also applied to UTHSC for Summer, and for SHSU and TWU for Fall 2014.
  12. by   TXNCRNA110
    HI All. This is my first comment.
    I am working on my application...well its complete now, just needs submission.
    Signed up for TEAS this week....not sure if i am quite ready to score 85-90%. I signed up for the test thinking i could make my San Antonio application but something did not work out there.....so it will not go through.
    GPA is 3.42 collective (with a BS bio, MBA)....
    Lets see how it works out.
  13. by   TXNCRNA110
    haha, i felt the same way when i realized i could have applied for spring as well.
  14. by   TXNCRNA110
    congrats on your teas score. How was it? How long did you prepare for it?
    Wondering if the time i have put is good enough. I will not know until i take a practice test. I am thinking the multiple choice will help out a lot. I will find out tomorrow with my practice test..