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UTHSCSA Waitlisted/Alternate Experience

  1. 0 Hello everyone, I am active duty military and I wanted to apply for our NECP program. This program would pay for my nursing school for two years. This is my first year applying for school and I sort of put all my eggs in two baskets.. The first basket, UTHSCSA didnt work out for me. I recently found out I was waitlisted/put on the alternate list. Thats pretty hurtful and it feels like a rejection. But from what I understand its not a complete loss because I didnt get totally rejected. I pretty much dont have a shot at getting into the NECP program without a conditional letter of acceptance from a school. (I have to talk to Wayland Baptist this week)

    So that being said, has anyone in this forum ever been put on a waitlist for UTHSCSA and eventually got in? If how long did it take for you to find out or get offered a seat? Does being waitlisted pretty much mean I need to just put my energy into reapplying next year? Any advice, would be helpful, not matter if it will not be the best news!! Thanks everyone..
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    Have you thought about Texas State?
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    I have, but I think on their website, it said your sciences had to be within 5 yrs. I took my AP and Chemistry over 5 yrs ago, and I dont plan on retaking those any time soon! Or atleast I didnt have time to retake them prior to applying.
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    On second thought.. They just opened up another nursing school campus in Round Rock, and I might try to see if I can work it out up there! My family is from Killeen, so that is right up the street and would be perfect!
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    Yeah Texas A&M has a school of nursing there. Good luck to you!!!!