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Hi everybody, I didn't see a thread for the Fall 2013 Traditional BSN, so I decided to start one! Who else is applying? I am currently waiting for my final transcripts to arrive to NursingCAS, UTSA was closed until Jan. 2nd (that... Read More

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    If you give me your email addresses, I will send you an invite.

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    Quote from diercks
    If you give me your email addresses, I will send you an invite.
    Thanks! britsterlee91@yahoo.com
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    Invite sent, blmiller. Let me know if it doesn't work for some reason.
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    Will somebody add me to the fb group. or post on here the name of the page so i can find it since the link doesn't work. Thanks
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    Congrats everyone! Did everyone get a chance to register yet? Which clinical site did you guys choose if you don't mind me asking? I know they were sending a lot of emails about the VA hospital.
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    The Facebook group is called "UTHSCSA NURSING Fall 2013". If you have trouble finding it post your email and i will send an invite.
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    What were your stats those of you who got in? If you didn't get in why didn't you?

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