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Hello All, I am not sure if a thread has already started for the Bacc2 program,but I wanted to stay updated on the status of all the hopefuls out here. The deadline is soon approaching so hopefully I can stay patient during the... Read More

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    Quote from iristhevirus
    Hi everyone!
    I just realized this thread existed!!! I can't wait to hear back from the school. I've applied to a few schools but San Antonio's my first choice. Does anyone know how many applicants there were this year? Also, does anyone know if the school offers housing? I don't want to jinx it but I'm already beginning to search for housing options. Good luck to everyone!! Hopefully we all get accepted
    I have no clue how many applied... And im pretty sure they do not offer housing though the school.

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    I don't know how many people have applied either. The school does not have housing, but I think they can help if you need to find a roommate..... I wonder if them extending the deadline to Dec. 3rd will cause us to have to wait longer.
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    I called about a week ago to ask if the extension would mean we'd be notified later but she said we would still know by December (January at the latest).
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    It is Friday and I have not heard any from them... maybe next week...
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    Well, there's 2 hours left in the business day... they could still send out emails today... maybe *fingers crossed*
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    Quote from nurse101010
    It is Friday and I have not heard any from them... maybe next week...
    I guess you were right. Lets hope we hear sometime next week. The wait is killing me.
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    Anything yet?
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    So, I just saw on the SON website that they extended the deadline again for the accelerated program through 1/14/2013!! I'm not sure what to think of that. I guess they don't have enough eligible applicants or something.... Does that mean we won't be getting decision emails before the holiday break, like they originally said? This wait is killing me.
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    I saw that too... I guess so... There are not many out there qualified for their standards.... I knew they will extend their deadline just like UTMB (heard it from one of the clerks in UTHSCSA)..... Oh well... I guess we will know their decision at the of January, the latest...

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