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Hello All, I am not sure if a thread has already started for the Bacc2 program,but I wanted to stay updated on the status of all the hopefuls out here. The deadline is soon approaching so hopefully I can stay patient during the... Read More

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    UTSCHA on March 1st

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    March 1st?
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    Even if they haven't accepted you yet, there is a chance that you might still hear from them before the date that they gave you.

    There is also a chance that a student who was accepted might choose to go to a different school...
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    @disperado75 - If you just applied to UTHSC-SA on February 1st, then its only been 4 business days... give them a little time to process your information. Did you do the supplemental application yet? I think the January applicants got their admission decision about 2 weeks after the supplemental application was due (correct me if I'm wrong).
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    Melissa1986 is right. Has anyone done their fingerprinting and gotten their blue clearance card in the mail yet?
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    I did my fingerprinting this past Friday however, I am having to go get reprinted since they didn't take my fingerprints accurately enough. Sigh. Retaking on Monday
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    I did my fingerprinting on 1/9 and recieved my blue card last Friday
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    How long does it take to get an appointment in for fingerprints? I'm in College Station and need to make an appointment today for sometime next week hopefully! Have y'all all done your immunizations? I feel like I have most of the ones we need, but need to go to my doctor to double check soon.
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    When you go on the website to register for the fingerprinting, it shows you which time slots are available. I booked mine just a day or two in advance.
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    Ok perfect! Thanks so much! Now I just have to figure out when I can take off work or miss class! Has anyone made a Facebook group for the class yet?

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