UTHSCSA-Summer 2013 Accelerated

  1. Hello All, I am not sure if a thread has already started for the Bacc2 program,but I wanted to stay updated on the status of all the hopefuls out here. The deadline is soon approaching so hopefully I can stay patient during the wait.
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  3. by   Melissa1986
    Hi! I was just about to start a thread too, since I hadn't seen one yet for May 2013. Have you submitted your NursingCAS application yet? I'm waiting for 1 more letter of recommendation before I submit. I'm also waiting for transcripts from Alamo Colleges... they are so slow.
  4. by   resilient
    Yes, I just submitted my application yesterday. I spoke with the SON and she stated that a letter recommendation wasn't needed. I also looked on the website and there was no mention of a recommendation letter. I'm nervous now, maybe I should submit one before the deadline.
  5. by   Melissa1986
    I don't think they are required, but my gpa and TEAS score are average, so I thought it might help. I am submitting them through the nursing CAS system.
  6. by   Melissa1986
    So is this the 1st time you are applying to the UTHSCSA? Have you applied anywhere else? This is the first time for me. Not sure what to expect...
  7. by   resilient
    Yes, this is my first time. I have also applied to utmb,uhv, and uthsc-h. I pray I get in somewhere. I'm looking for last years class to see what to expect. I am going to try to go to an information session. What other schools have you applied to
  8. by   Melissa1986
    This is the only school I'm applying for right now. There are 3 other BSN programs near San Antonio, but they either have additional pre-req's that are specific to their school, or I don't meet their criteria. I won't be able to move away from San Antonio to go to school unless absolutely necessary. Is UHV a regular track or accelerated BSN, and where is that program located?

    I went to an information session in July for the UTHSC-SA, but I don't remember specifically how the application process goes. Do you know? I know the next step (a few weeks after the appl. deadline) is a supplemental application, which has a few short essays, I believe. After that, don't we have to interview? Do you know any other specifics?
  9. by   resilient
    I applied for the Accelerated program at UHV, located close to Houston. I looked at the previous threads and it seems that after they have accepted your application before the deadline and you send them your TEAS V transcript, we must patiently wait on a supplemental application which includes an essay. Hopefuls were notified around Dec 9, so I pray we dont have to wait too long. I regret not going to an information session before I submitted my application. What was considered competitive in regards to the TEAS and G.P.A?
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  10. by   Melissa1986
    They didnt go into specifics at the meeting, but the averages for the last several incoming classes are posted on the nursing program website. I wonder why no one else has commented on this thread yet.... I doubt we are the only 2 applying for the program. Lol.
  11. by   awuelfin
    I also applied to the program. This is my first time applying to this program also. It looks like last year they accepted everybody that met their minimum requirements… I wish we knew when we could expect to hear something.
  12. by   Cb1254
    I am also applying to the program for the first time. I'm just patiently waiting to hear something like everyone else.
  13. by   Melissa1986
    Its going to be a long wait.... we still have to do the supplemental application in about 2 weeks. I wish we would know something already too.
  14. by   resilient
    I was looking at the previous threads and it seems like they receive acceptance emails on Dec 9th(fingers crossed) I hope we hear something by then . Great way to start off the holiday!