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Hello All, I am not sure if a thread has already started for the Bacc2 program,but I wanted to stay updated on the status of all the hopefuls out here. The deadline is soon approaching so hopefully I... Read More

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    Hey guys, I just applied to the program on Feb. 1st. I haven't been sent to supplemental yet. I was told I would get it at the end of the month. I wonder why they extended the deadline so far? For those of you that got in, did any of you have a TEAS score below 80? Mine was 78.9 and I'm not sure that it is good enough. I don't know why they would put me through the trouble of filling out a supplemental if they are going to deny me.

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    Just wanted to be sure that no one has access to sections 4-9 of the online training sessions yet?
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    Marcos - I'm not really sure on what their cut off point are for TEAS scores. But, it doesn't hurt to give them a call and ask them any of these questions. Everyone that I have spoken with thus far has been extremely friendly and willing to help. Good luck!
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    I haven't seen 4-9 on the Knowledge Center yet either.
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    Thanks for replying, haniak! Just wanted to be sure that I wasn't skipping over it somehow.
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    Do we have to email Ms. R**** with the training certificate that is due today, or does she still want them all at once?
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    I'm not sure, Nina. I'm confused about that as well! They seemed very specific that we were to email them once we had completed all of them, though. So, although I have completed the first 2 plus both HIPPAs, I haven't submitted any. I'm sticking to what they emailed us which was "submit all together".
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    I just noticed that the certificate displays the date that the training was completed, so we should be okay not turning them in now. I'll post an update if I see the remainder of the trainings up.
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    HI GUYS, I am just wondering if the school send you the SUPPLEMENTAL APPLICATION, do you have a chance to get to the program ? I got mine last week and I am just wondering how long does it take them to make a decision????? Thank you
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but everyone gets the supplemental application. It is part of the application process. They decide a couple weeks after, I believe.
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