UTHSCSA Fall 2011 Waitlisters - page 2

Still keeping my head up. Have Wayland Baptist as an option, but not too sure I want to take those two religion classes as that computer competency class.. Just starting this thread for anyone... Read More

  1. by   Veronica79
    Oh wow. I didnt even apply fro Wayland because I need the same classes. I figured it was too late. I am also applying for the NECP if I get in UTHSCSA.
  2. by   Veronica79
    @yekpewa21. Can you email me at Veronica.copenhaver@metc.mil
  3. by   yekpewa21
    @Veronica, I sent you an email to your address.. let me know what I help with as far as Wayland.
  4. by   yekpewa21
    I guess everyone accepted their offers!
  5. by   aornp
    I accepted their offer but only because I wanted to "be safe" and make sure that until I hear back from all the programs I applied to, I had a decent school to go to. I'm most probably going to decline UTHSCSA in a few days... so there's 1 seat! Many people, also, change their mind in the middle of summer... don't give up!
  6. by   yekpewa21
    Oh okay! Well that is good to know. from what they sent out to us, they wont give us update on open seats until Mid May.. so at least thats one seat that will potentially open up!
  7. by   sana_momin123
    Hello Everyone!! I'm new to this link but i have been looking at this website for quite sometime.. I was just wondering has anyone who was on an alternative list get an offer because i got a call on Friday and they told me i did..
  8. by   yekpewa21
    Wow.. havent received any calls as of yet..
  9. by   nmy29

    I just recieved an email saying they will be making more decisions mid june. So they have already filled some spots off the alternate list! I just wish they would tell me where I was on the list so I could at least figure out what my chances were...
  10. by   nmy29
    Does anyone know if anyone was actually rejected? Do they just throw everyone on the waitlist?