UTHSCSA Accelerated BSN Spring 2014 Applicants

  1. Hi everybody!

    I'm applying to UTHSCSA for Spring '14 (Accelerated Program). Who else is applying to the program??
    Has anyone else taken the TEAs Exam yet? I took mine earlier today
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  3. by   apriljacklynn
    Hey there! I applied for this program, as well! I'm just waiting for NursingCAS to receive my last transcript. I actually took the TEAS V toward the end of June- glad that it's over with! How did it go for you?
  4. by   tiff.elaine39
    Heyy! Awesome yeah, I'm glad to have gotten that out of the way as well! I think the only issue I could have worked on was timing myself:/ Haha now is just the lovely process of playing the waiting game. Is this the only program you applied to?
  5. by   apriljacklynn
    Yes, the marvelous waiting game! -_- I'm actually hoping to volunteer in the meantime to help the time pass by more quickly. I find myself counting the days until October to hear something from anyone!

    I actually applied to UT Houston, TWU-Houston, and UH-Victoria. I'm hoping for UT in Houston would be my first choice (but I feel like that's a long shot *sad panda*), then either accelerated program, then TWU. I graduated w/a BS in Human Biology at UT Austin in 2010, and I've been working on paying back student loans...so the quicker the program the better. But I'll gladly go wherever I get in! The only downside to UTHSCSA for me is that I'd have to relocate...and it begins in May. I live in Houston, and I don't think my mom/bf would be too happy with me having to move for school. Annnd I want to leave my job ASAP to start my career! I'm sure my boss would love me to stay longer and start in May, but yea, that's a downside for me.

    How about you? Anywhere else you applied to?
  6. by   tiff.elaine39
    That's good! I was thinking about volunteering in the meantime too aw why do you feel UT Houston is a long shot? I also graduated with my bachelors in 2010 from UTSA but the UTHSCSA is the only place I applied to. Dont worry, things will work themselves out even if you end up having to move. I can understand how that can be an inconvenience though:/
  7. by   apriljacklynn
    Nice! Are you from SA, too?

    And, I feel so underqualified for UT Houston because it is ridiculously competitive. Like average GPA of those accepted was 3.7 for both sciences and nursing prereq. The good thing, for me, is they don't look at your cumulative GPA (mine's like a 2.8)but I'm sure they see your track record. At the same rate, they expect near-perfection in all other required courses. I retook some classes to replace grades, so my science should be 3.8ish by their considerations. However, I have a C in the first writing course (RHE306) which brings down my nursing prereq GPA to something like 3.69. It's a freshman level course that I completely blew off at UT, like many of the other Texas "core" courses...man, am I kicking myself for not taking those courses more seriously. Anyway, I did really well on the HESI (97.6) but I don't think it will be enough. Not to mention, I applied for Fall 2013 entry and was denied once already ;( Long story short, I'm not holding my breath and sort of preparing for the worst.

    Aside from moving away again from my family/bf and the summer start, I think I would really enjoy UTHSCSA! Thank you for the words of encouragement, though! I really appreciate it.
  8. by   Melissa1986
    Hi Ladies,
    I'm in the Accelerated BSN program at UTHSCSA, that started this past May. If you have any questions about the program, let me know.
  9. by   apriljacklynn
    Thank you for your offer! How do you feel about the program so far?
  10. by   Melissa1986
    I like it a lot. There are some kinks that they are working out, since the program is only like 4 years old. Sometimes we don't find out about stuff until the last minute, like the next semesters class/clinical schedule.
  11. by   tiff.elaine39
    Hey girls! Sorry, I know it's been awhile since I've been back on the site. Thank you Melissa1986 for your help with info about the program. I'm eager to hear something back from them How would you rate the pace of the program so far?
  12. by   Melissa1986
    No problem. I was searching everywhere for info on this program when I was applying and it was hard to come by. Hopefully I can be helpful... I was very eager to hear back after I applied, but we didn't get our acceptance emails until December 17th! The pace of the program is manageable. There's a lot of reading that's assigned each week, which I find a little difficult to keep up with. I don't work, but I know some people that are getting by working part time... and a few crazy ones doing full time! Yikes
  13. by   tiff.elaine39
    Oh wow, December?? Ok, yeah I was curious just because I know that on the school's site that they advise not to work if you're in the Accelerated Program. I can't imagine how some people are working full time though, that has to be pretty hectic.
  14. by   Melissa1986
    Most people who work, only are doing so part time. There's only one person I know working full time, and he works friday evening and all day saturday and sunday. He's older so his kids are grown already. I have 3 stepkids under the age of 6 that my husband and I have every weekend, so I have not extra time to work. If we didn't have them, I think I could swing working a shift a week... maybe 2.