UTHSC Summer 2012 accelerated program

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    Hey guys! I was wondering if any of you knew what the average scores for the HESI a2 exam are for those accepted to the UTHSC Summer accelerated program or any of UTHSC programs. I guess I'm just wondering what my chances are.
    also, i saw that some people had their reading comp. scores for the HESI broken up into categories...my testing center did not give me a print out, so i do not have those broken up scores.... I did well on the reading and comp. section (overall score)....does UTHSC look at the score broken up??

    Thanks for you help!!!

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    also...could anyone who is currently in this program post their stats???

    Thank you!!
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    bump- please reply
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    any admissions statistics would be helpful!!!
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    I asked this same question for the traditional track, not sure if they use the same criteria but this is what they emailed me:

    To remain competitive we suggest to all candidates that the prerequisite GPA should not be lower than a 3.25 and the science GPA should not be lower than a 3.25. The HESI scores should be in the 80% range for each required section and 800 on the Critical Thinking portion. The admission committee does not look at the overall score BUT at each section..
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    that is for UTHSC Houston
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    It's not actually an accelerated program anymore. It used to be 3 semesters (1 year) and now it's 4 semester.

    One thing they don't tell you about this program is that you'll be graduating in August, when there are VERY few new grad jobs.
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    Depends on when you begin. They have fall and spring entrances
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    Quote from ladydeeb4213
    Depends on when you begin. They have fall and spring entrances
    UT Houston also has a summer admit for their BACC 2 program (formerly accelerated BACC 2 program).
    Aside from graduating without jobs (and trust me, there aren't exactly a ton of jobs in May or December either), the summer semester is 12 weeks vs the normal 16. I'm not sure I'd want to shorten my first semester when that's the semester with the worst retention rate.
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    Hi, everyone! I'm new to the forum and was hoping someone might know when we'll start hearing decisions. Also, is there still an interview? It's listed on the website but I saw on another forum that UTHSC Houston had done away with it. I was accepted into UTHSC San Antonio's accelerated BSN and there wasn't an interview.

    Thanks so much! (and good luck!)

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