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Hi! I'm new to this site and to nursing in general. I have a couple questions about the hesi a2 exam... 1. How far in advance do I need to schedule and take my exam? ...the deadline for the program I am applying to is on... Read More

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    I bet they will wait until Friday afternoon to post so they don't get anyone calling them.
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    Huh, getting conflicting information here. I really hope it's this week. April 15th seems kind of late, only 5 weeks before classes start. I know for Spring 2012 semester they sent out letters early November, so that's 2 months before classes started.
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    I noticed that if I go to the utlink.uth.tmc.edu page summer 2012 and fall 2012 are no longer options... Does anyone else notice this?
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    Ugg...I justed call UT this morning...spoke to an admissions counselor...she said they will not post online until April 15th....she said it will not be posted this week.
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    Check your myuth. Mine changed to accepted within the last hour.
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    wow, your right! Me too.
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    Never posted here before, but had a question.

    Did anyone get accepted without being invited for an interview?

    I just got an email saying I was accepted and when I login to myuth it says I was accepted and that they will be sending me a letter by mail soon.

    But I never interviewed, so I am confused. Anyone else???
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    I was never interviewed either and got accepted.
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    Same with me, no interview but was accepted!
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    I was also accepted!! But I was wondering what emails you guys received. Did you guys get one stating what day class started etc...??? Mine just told me to check my account.