UTHSC Summer 2012 accelerated program - page 2

Hi! I'm new to this site and to nursing in general. I have a couple questions about the hesi a2 exam... 1. How far in advance do I need to schedule and take my exam? ...the deadline for the program I am applying to is on... Read More

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    The study guide is good for math and vocabulary review, but the review for A&P is very basic. I studied my A&P textbook and class notes to prepare for that section. Practice test for A&P from the Evolve study guide was helpful because some of the questions were actually on the test.

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    Question: Do you have to have a BS to apply to this program....I have a BA??
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    has anybody heard anything??
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    no, maybe in a week or two.
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    still haven't heard anything?!?!
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    nothing for me! I guess we'll just have to keep waiting! :/
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    Anyone heard anything? Nothing for me either...
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    Did anyone call and ask when they would post acceptances and denials online?? I know the day they send out the letters is April 15th, but I'm wondering when they post online???
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    I called the Nursing School this morning and they told me they'll be notifying people this week. Where did you hear that it's not until April 15th?
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    April 15th date was told to me by an admissions counselor. Weird...I called yesterday and she told me that they would not post online until April 15th...

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