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UTHCS Houston Generic BSN advice

  1. 0 Wow, everyone in here is soo helpfull and I cannot pull away from lurking =) First off congrats to all whom have been accepted into a program.

    I am really wanting to apply for UTHSC houston's bsn program Spring 2011. Currently I was on track to apply for my ADN at San Jacinto college and then pursuing the online RN-BSN at UT ( I have 3 kiddos). After a deep conversation with the hubby, I am debating going straight into the BSN. I have quit working to pursue my dream so if I am going to get it done, this is the time. Can someone pls tell me more or less the schedule for the semesters. I know it will change, etc. but if someone can tell me more about classes/ clinical times/ days it would ease my mind sooo much. I know it will be hard work and i don't mind that but I'm weird like that...lol...just seeing it come from someone in the program will let it sink in better...

    Thanks to all!!!!