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hi everyone, i need a little advice about the uta rn to bsn program. i am currently enrolled; and i have taken prof nursing a and b, brit lit, and tech writing in the last 10 weeks and i have a 4.0. i only have nursing... Read More

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    hi christina5sd
    have you taken health promotions across lifespan n3335? if so, how was it? im about to start that next week. the gen-ed classes imo are more work as in assignments, quizzes,lots and lots of materials to cover. thanks for your tips and goodluck with the nursing research class.

    Quote from christina5sd
    if you have a busy home life and lots of summer plans you may want to wait, but i think you should be fine. if you go to stateu.com you can find the link for the courses syllabi. if you take a look at both classes you may be able to judge if you think you will have enough time better. so far the only course i wouldn't recommend taking with another course is research nursing (takes a lot of time).

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    How was the research course? Did you use that study guide much? Was the class really hard? I am taking it Mon with Vulnerable Populations...do you think that would be too much? Do you still have the community book for the Vulnerable Populations course?
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    Can anyone tell me how nursing research is? Is it better to work at the the end of the week. I was told its group work. Any suggestions?

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