UTA-Parkland AP BSN Fall 2011

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    Has anyone else applied to the UTA AP BSN program through Parkland for the September 2011 start? I am ANXIOUSLY waiting to find out if I got in. They said letters should go out "hopefully" in mid-May. Good luck everyone!

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    I applied for the Fall start in Sept.2011 and very nervous and anxious. I received the email also from UTA stating decisions will be made in mid May. I'm wondering if My HESI Scores and GPA were good enough, because of all the competition.

    I wish everyone Good Luck!
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    I also applied to the UTA AP BSN online program Sept '11 start date! My advisor told me earlier that letters will go out in a "couple weeks!!" Yea!

    I'm SO ready to know if I was accepted!!
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    Thats Great News!! I was also informed it will be around mid-may. I'm assuming they may be waiting for Spring grades to be finalized.

    I'm very nervous,!!
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    Have you completed all three UTA prereqs (Intro, Path & Pharm)?? I am in Intro now and scheduled to start Path & Pharm in May. Just curious how many others that applied already have those 3 classes done??!

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    I've completed intro, made an "A". I havent taken pharm and patho because I'm currently taking Chem 1451, which is a prerequsite. My advisor asked me last week if I was planning to take pharm and patho this summer..I replied "yes"..

    She said because I havent taken pharm and patho doesnt affect my application. She also stated my HESI scores look good. I just hope its enough to get accepted!

    Hope this helps...Good luck
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    Oh good! I was a little worried about that! I am only in the 2nd week of Intro but it seems very straightforward and so I'm praying for an A too!
    I did well on the HESI too...95% in all categories so I'm hopeful too! I just an so anxious to know!

    Good Luck!
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    So you guys both applied through Parkland? If so, hopefully we will be seeing each other soon!!

    I'm taking path and pharm this summer, I took Intro to Nursing awhile back. It's a really good feeling that I'm (hopefully) almost there. Keep me posted when you hear something. The wait is killing me! I sent my application in December so I've been waiting for a very long time...
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    No, I didn't apply through Parkland. I just did a regular non partner application. My advisor informed me that you didn't have to be employed at one of the partnering hospitals (obviously if you were, you would be a little ahead of the rest). She assured me that it was ok and that I still had a good shot...so I'm praying!!!

    Good luck!!
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    What's the Academic Partnership program, exactly? I applied to the Traditional BSN program (on-campus). Is this for hospital employees to get a BSN, while still working at their hospital? Is this related to the Accelerated BSN program (online)? I know these may be stupid questions... but I'm just curious. Thank you!

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