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Has anyone else applied to the UTA AP BSN program through Parkland for the September 2011 start? I am ANXIOUSLY waiting to find out if I got in. They said letters should go out "hopefully" in mid-May. Good luck everyone!:D... Read More

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    I also work at Parkland and got accepted into the partnership program. I applied for this program twice before, working at different hospitals which are not partnered, so I started here three months ago and now I got accepted. I feel kinda bad because some people have better grades than I do, but I have been jumping through hoops for nursing programs for over a year now, and Finally! I'm sure we'll meet soon, steph. Good luck getting all of this stuff in order before we start. It is a little overwhelming, isn't it?

    For those that didn't get it. Try applying for Brookhaven's 16 month ADN program, and then the RN-BSN UTA program. Should be cheaper, and Brookhaven seems to be based on grades more than politics.

    Good Luck
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    Congratulations! I'm sure we will meet soon! I also got my acceptance letter!!

    I don't think UTA has done a great job of expressing just how much advantage you have with already being partnered before you apply. Basically, "we" get first dibs on spots and the rest is for the non-partnered applicants. So everyone else is competing for the left over positions that aren't filled by that hospital. If Parkland has filled all 10 spots (which according to the coordinator at Parkland hasn't happened with any cohort yet...) then there are no left over spots for everyone else. So for those of you that didn't get in, get a job at a partnered hospital asap I just lucked into it and already worked there when they came out with this program...
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    Great Advice!

    I wouldn't have gotten into the program otherwise. The competition is incredible. There are tons of jobs available that don't necessarily require a lot of experience. Look into Student Nursing positions or any Tech positions. Part time or Full time. It is worth the trouble for a 15 month program.

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    I was accepted into the program (yelled so loud the neighbors thought I was being killed) and have asked to be partnered at Parkland. Did rotations there years ago as a paramedic. Loved every minute. Hope I get in.

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