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    i have just learned about this the online (entire program including pre-req courses) ap bsn program at uta. i read about this on another uta thread but it was not as clear as it was explained today to me. this is similar to the twu weekend bsn program; however, the difference is you will conduct your clinicals at the hospital where you are employed. no matter what position/status where you work (partnered hospital), you can participate in this program at a discounted rate. so far, i believe uta partnered with parkland, baylor and thr but i believe the thr program is different. uta/thr partnership offers full financial support (tuition, fees, and books) by thr for the 2nd bacc bsn program. the ap bsn program only offers you a discount but you would need to use either scholarships or tuition reimbursement from your employer (hospital).

    i am so impressed with the fact that the entire program is online and it is estimated to take 18 months to complete (again including all pre-courses). the program is laid out great because you can take all pre-req sciences (except gen chem), psychology courses, stats and other pre-reqs online; your clinicals can be worked out with the clinical partnership manager. since i work fulltime in a non-clinical area, weekends would be so much better for me to participate in my clinicals. i believe the manager will be flexible with me on clinicals b/c we work closely together on a weekly basis.

    i can start earlier with this program compared to the twu weekend program. some pre-req courses are only 5-8 weeks long so you can complete your pre-reqs faster and courses are offered more than traditional program.

    i would highly recommend this program for any career changes, who cannot afford to stop working fulltime but have the desire to change careers into nursing. go to www.uta.edu/nursing click on prospective students, click academic partnership, click on academic partnership under bsn program and read more about the opportunity.

    please note: you do not have to work at a hospital to be admitted into this program. once you are admitted into the junior/senior level of the nursing program, uta will coordinate a clinical site for you at one of their partnership hospitals.

    is there anyone out who have started the ap bsn program either fall 2009 or spring 2010? i would love to hear how things are going in the online courses (whether you just started pre-req courses or you are taking the nursing courses).

    i hope this has have been helpful information for those of you who really need flexibility while in the 2nd bsn fast track/accelerator program.

    look forward to your response!


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    Hi txnurstud! I'm trying to get into this program. I have just barely started my prereq's for it. how far along are you with your prereq's? are you doing them through UTA? I just found out I was accepted to the school, now I'm waiting to find out my next step. meanwhile, I'm starting classes with dcccd. do you have anymore information on the UTA AP BSN program?? I'm a 2nd degree seeker also
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    Quote from OzTx
    Hi txnurstud! I'm trying to get into this program. I have just barely started my prereq's for it. how far along are you with your prereq's? are you doing them through UTA? I just found out I was accepted to the school, now I'm waiting to find out my next step. meanwhile, I'm starting classes with dcccd. do you have anymore information on the UTA AP BSN program?? I'm a 2nd degree seeker also
    Hello OzTx,
    Actually, I will start my pre-reqs in April through UTA AP general courses program...I will also take courses on during flex-term at dcccd (i.e. History, Government, Intro to Psy, Tech Writing, Chemistry). When you are accepted as a UTA AP General courses student you can take all your pre-reqs online through 5-week, 8-week and 15-week terms. This include courses like A&P I/II, Microbiology (which you cannot find online anywhere without going to the campus), Patho, Pharma, etc. The other unique thing is that you can take Patho, Pharma and Intro to Prof Nursing while taking the other pre-req courses...huge advantage! If I don't take additional courses at dcccd, the course map states that I will be ready to apply for the Nursing program in Sept 2011 and I am trying to actually get into the program in June 2011. I have about 12 courses to take before I can apply. I was told by the Nurse Education department at Parkland that your chances are increased if you are already an employee at one of the partnered hospitals. I have not confirmed this statement with the advisors at UTA.

    Congrats on taking the first steps to another career! I first learned about the 2nd degree accelerated programs last year around this time...I wished I would have moved on it last summer (June 2009), I would have been finished by then. I think it is better to focus on one nursing program when taking pre-reqs and preparing yourself for the Hesi because it can become overwhelming trying to keep up with the various 2nd degree BSN programs out there (TWU, TCU, Baylor, Texas Tech) or deciding to pursue the associate degree route only if you can go to school fulltime without working; which is not an option for me. During this process it would be a lot easier to focus on the pre-reqs for one program, once you are near the end of your pre-reqs then look at other options. This is one of the reasons why it took me a year to get started with pre-req courses (I was trying to decide which program I was going to pursue and I needed as many online courses as possible because of my family situation).

    Do you work at one of the partner hospitals? If not, do you have the possibility to work at one of the partner hospital? I think it will help your chances in getting placed into the nursing program once you have applied to the program. What courses are you taking now? How many courses do you need to take before you can apply for the program? What was your first bachelor's degree in? I received a BBA - Management which is why I need so many courses (sciences).
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    I don't work at any of the partnered hospitals. I have a CNA license from another state--in the process of endorsing it into TX--so I may be able to work at a hospital then. I'm taking dev. psych and texas history at dcccd. if I get admitted to the pre-nursing curriculum at UTA, I will transfer over. my first degree was a BFA in design--I need a BUNCH of classes! I have approx 12 pre-reqs also before I can apply to the nursing program. I'm still waiting for my course map, so it could be more.....definitely a long road ahead, but doable!
    Thanks for the info, and all the best!!
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    Thanks for the luck...sounds like we are both in the same boat on the pre-reqs. Feel free to use this thread to talk about the pre-reqs rather you have questions about courses or any advice you want to share. I will do the same.

    Good luck to you...look forward to the both of us starting the nursing program either Summer 2011 or Fall 2011!

    Forward wishing!
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    Well I too am interested in this program and I live in the Arlington area. I already filled out the UTA app and just have to fill out the Nursing School App, I'll be done with my 1st BA this fall and will start my pre-req's at either TCC or UTA as soon as I can maybe in the summer. I used to be a CNA and I work at a CNA school so I'll be renewing my license and hopefully get a job at one of the local hospitals. My final goal CRNA and TCU has a program I don't know if UTA has it but if they do I am there too. Maybe I'll join the Navy after the AP program and they can pay for my CRNA
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    This sounds like a great plan...I wish much success with getting into UTA Online program. I will start my pre-reqs in about 3 weeks. I am so excited and cannot wait to begin this new adventure in my career.
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    Has anyone been admitted to the actual nursing courses? I'm done with my prereq's and hoping to get into the Sept. nursing class. I am wondering how competitive it is especially because my transcript is a bit of a mess.
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    I am applying for the September start, and just enrolled in the intro to nursing course. I plan to take pharm, and patho this summer in the 12 week session. I was concerned also about not being admitted because of the other three nursing courses needed to start the program. I spoke with my advisor and was told that there are about 200 applicants for the fall start and 60 will be admitted. Good Luck to you all. If anyone has any information pelase share!!! Thanks in advance.
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    I've already been admitted to the AP BSN program. I'm currently taking my last prereqs at UTA (pharm, concepts and patho). I'm starting the program this June. I currently work at THR in downtown Fort Worth but I'm not eligible for tuition reimbursement yet as I'm only a PRN employee. I'm trying to transfer out to a part-time position so that I can take advantage of tuition reimbursement. I was also told by my advisor that it's recommended to not work beyond 15 hrs/wk as the program is very intense. Working 20 hrs is ok but you'd be pushing it.
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