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hello- i have just learned about this the online (entire program including pre-req courses) ap bsn program at uta. i read about this on another uta thread but it was not as clear as it was explained today to me. this is... Read More

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    Hello my name is Heather. I am currently enrolled at UTA taking pharm and patho online. I was hoping you would be able to help me or guide me to finding notes or practice test. If you can help me please send me an email at thompsonfamily30@yahoo.com thanks in advance

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    I'm looking into Ocean Online. Can you message me the name of the professor you too for Chem DL? Also is there any other courses you would suggest taking at Ocean versus UTA online courses. My email address is mullinsamber @ Reagan dot com. Thanks so much
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    Hi there, did you work at the same time you did the program?
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    Hello, I'm graduating from this program. I worked about 24-36 hours a week in this program. I had friends in the cohort that had kids, and there were several that worked full time. Everyone in the program tried to discourage them from doing it, but they did it, quite successfully. Time management, time management, time management. Something I'd have to add is that at times it can be so. incredibly. unorganized. I used to be the kind of person that needed information and planning and control over life, and this program sure as hell trained me out of it. If you get in, don't expect to feel in control or like you have all the information you need. But finishing in 15 months, while exhausting, was still worth it.
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    This gives me hope. Thanks!

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