UTA Online Academic Partnership BSN Program - Dallas Hospitals - page 26

by txnurstud

hello- i have just learned about this the online (entire program including pre-req courses) ap bsn program at uta. i read about this on another uta thread but it was not as clear as it was explained today to me. this is... Read More

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    Hello my name is Heather. I am currently enrolled at UTA taking pharm and patho online. I was hoping you would be able to help me or guide me to finding notes or practice test. If you can help me please send me an email at thompsonfamily30@yahoo.com thanks in advance
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    I'm looking into Ocean Online. Can you message me the name of the professor you too for Chem DL? Also is there any other courses you would suggest taking at Ocean versus UTA online courses. My email address is mullinsamber @ Reagan dot com. Thanks so much