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Hey everyone! I thought I would get a UTA Academic Partnership Fall 2012 forum going. Many of us were wait listed or denied...and many of us posted great advice for Spring 2012... I thought it would be nice to get this forum... Read More

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    Hey everyone!!!! I am starting the AP BSN program in September 2012. I am beyond EXCITED!!! I have so so many questions. First, I am partnered with Baylor and currently work weekends at BUMC.

    -How are clinicals set up? I see UT-A students every now and then but not every weekend. So, how are the clinicals done? Do you think it is possible for me to work weekends and stay in the program? How often are weekend shifts assigned?

    Well this is a starting point. I hope to hear back from someone. Also, is there anyone else starting in Fall 2012? It would be nice to know someone beforehand.


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    I don't think we find out our clinical days till in person orientation or shortly after. They may also be different for each semester as well. The first semester is supposed to be the worst from a time standpoint with 12 hour days twice a week. The rest is supposed to be easier with more 8 hour days then 12 hour days and maybe not going every week.

    The start date is actually in August and not September as well.

    Get your vacation and rest in before classes start, it is going to be a long time before you see daylight again.
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    I graduated from the APBSN program in May. First semester clinicals at Baylor were Saturday and Sunday. We tested in Wednesdays, but that different for each cohort. The only clinicals that weren't weekends for us were senior 1 when we had peds (sunday Monday) and management and community were also during the week. I had to quit my weekend only job with Baylor in order to do clinical. You will know your exact days soon! Once you find that out I would plan accordingly. Like I said this could have changed, but that was our schedule.
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    Hi Andrea,

    I just stumbled upon your post as I've been trying to get information on the UTA online program. Can I ask what kind of job you currently (or used to) have at Baylor? I've heard of some people that are already partnered with a hospital prior to applying, so I'm curious what kinds of jobs are out there.

    Thanks and good luck to you!

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