UT Tyler Spring '13 Admission

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    Anyone out there applied for Spring 2013 admission to UT Tyler? I'm actually doing the Accelerated Program, but would love to hear from anyone about their points and how they feel about their application! I'm dying to find out if I got in! 10 days til the deadline, and then I'll be checking my email every half hour for the next 6 weeks, I'm sure.
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    Good Luck! My roommate and I just graduated from UTT.
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    Hey I applied for the Spring since I didn't get in for this past Fall semester. I'm not too sure exactly how many points I have but I know it's more that what it was the last time I applied. Hope its enough b/c the wait is killing me. Just a week and a half left.
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    So we should know sometime next week right?
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    Anyone else get good news?
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    Did it come in an email or mail?
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    I got in too!!!! I have a weird question though. I'm not from Tyler and I have to move there. I heard some apartments are sketchy and I don't know which ones to pick. Any advice?
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    I just got in to UT Tyler accelerated program. Is that what yall got in to?
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    Congrats! But no, not accelerated for me - just traditional