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Anyone out there applied for Spring 2013 admission to UT Tyler? I'm actually doing the Accelerated Program, but would love to hear from anyone about their points and how they feel about their application! I'm dying to find out if... Read More

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    Did you do anything to improve your chances to get accepted the second time?

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    Quote from Marromero
    Did you do anything to improve your chances to get accepted the second time?
    Well i talked to the advisors and they said that all I could do was reapply and maybe I would have a better chance of getting accepted for the spring semester since there would be less applicants. I guess they were right! But really just make sure your grades are good. It always helps to have taken a certain amount of hours at the school your applying to, b/c they consider their own students before looking at the transfers. They told me there reason I didn't get in the first time was because there were so many Tyler student applicants, and that there was no room left for the transfers.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the advice.
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    I also reapplied for the spring and got in this time around. I never took philosophy till this past summer so that made my points higher since it was the only core class i had not taken and by taking philosophy I got my associates this past summer as well (it was the last class I needed to get an associates) so that was another 2 more points. Don't know if it made much of a difference.

    And yes the teas is definitely more difficult than I was expecting. So if you have good grades and an okay to good teas score you should be okay in my opinion. But study for it because I didn't have much time to study for it and it showed.
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    Sorry about asking so many questions. Im not sure if I will have all prereqs by the time I apply. Does anyone know if they grant conditional entry into the program?
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    What classes will you not have? It's based on points so if you don't have all the classes in, you'll have fewer points which might not be a good thing. I'm sure there are ppl who get in w/o having all their classes done but it's a chance you're taking.
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    I think I'm dumb but I cannot find the Facebook group. I type it in the search box but only other groups pop up.
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    I was one of those students who got in but did not finish the core curriculum, but I think I was able to get in because my grades weren't super bad. Either that or, as nursingstudent9 suggested, there were less applicants. If you are within 15 hours of completing your pre-reqs, then you have a chance of getting in. hopeful_st is right though; your points will be less than someone who finished all their pre-reqs.

    Regarding the TEAS, I don't know if anyone had a lower score on than what's required for the reading and math section and successfully got into the program, but if he/she did, then I'm sure he/she got in because they had an awesome GPA and/or they finished all of their pre-reqs.
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    I have yet to take my science core classes. I will take them this year and try to take them before I apply in September for the accelerated program. But yesterday I picked up my transcript from Brookhaven community college and I was reminded of my f's. I hAve retaken those failing classes And passed them. Has anyone else received an f and been accepted to the nursing program?
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    I'm curious to know what y'all did before applying to the accelerated program. I am currently teaching 3rd grade. I've been teaching for 5 years.
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