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Anyone out there applied for Spring 2013 admission to UT Tyler? I'm actually doing the Accelerated Program, but would love to hear from anyone about their points and how they feel about their... Read More

  1. by   blb123
    Thank you for making a Facebook group!! I searched and was unable to find it, could you maybe post a link to it on the UT Tyler nursing Facebook page or something?
  2. by   nurse.stg
    Yeah I'll do it later tonight when I'm home from work - it'll be a while cause I work a long shift today but ill post it on here. Did you type the exact name of the group? Weird that you couldn't find it
  3. by   tnbutterfly
    Quote from blb123
    Thank you for making a Facebook group!! I searched and was unable to find it, could you maybe post a link to it on the UT Tyler nursing Facebook page or something?
    It is fine to post the name of the FB group, but posting direct links is not permitted by the Terms of Service of the site.
  4. by   KRBee
    I definitely need to re-read the Terms of Service. I apologize for not adhering to the rules.

    Quote from hopeful_st
    But I know you're "supposed" to buy the manual. The instructor I went to didnt make us buy it but she said if ever asked to say we did. So to be on the safe side I would but depends.
    My instructor told us that it's recommended but we never used the book throughout the entire class. However, I agree that since there are many CPR classes and different instructors, buying the manual may be the "safe" thing to do.

    Quote from hopeful_st
    Also, I meant apartments in Tyler in general being cheaper or somewhat the same as Arlington. I'm not too sure abt on campus housing nor do I want to stay on campus. I've had my fair share of dorm life and I'm done with that experience.
    I personally feel safer in UT Tyler housing instead of privately-owned companies. I've always been in dorms and felt comfortable with them. I did look at apartments in Tyler and the ones off-campus do seem cheaper. I've never lived in an apartment before though, so I can't say this as matter-of-fact.

    Quote from hopeful_st
    Alright since none of you wanted to make an fb page, I went ahead and did it. It's a closed group but I'll accept you whenever you guys request to join. The facebook group is called "UT Tyler Nursing - Dec 2014"
    I don't use FB so I never bothered to make a page xD
  5. by   luckyberries
    Oops didn't see that I couldn't post the link. If you search up 'UT Tyler Nursing' our group should show up along with the other years
  6. by   blb123
    For some reason it doesn't show up when I search on my phone. I'll try on my computer when I get home later
  7. by   blb123
    So when we asked around in Tyler about where to live and if there was anywhere we should avoid, everyone we talked to said to AVOID Varsity Place apartments and the Cambridge Apartments. Apparently, if you hear about crime in Tyler, that's probably where it happened. Good to know!! Everywhere else we looked seemed pretty nice, it really just depends on what you're wanting to spend.
  8. by   nurselauren5530
    Thanks for letting us know!! That is VERY important!
  9. by   KRBee
    My adviser informed me that Skyscape will be used in Level 1. She also advised not to activate it until closer to the first day of class.

    Also, a tip she gave me: For those who haven't gotten their IDs yet, try to get your student IDs and nursing badges closer to the first day of class because the new ones for next semester haven't been made yet.

    Thank you blb123 for telling us about the apartments I also heard some negative things about University Pines apartments on-campus (bad staff, broken appliances, slow maintenance, break-ins), but the girl I spoke with about it said that she's never personally lived there; those negative things are just what she heard from other people living there.
  10. by   nurse.stg
    Thanks guys. Any tips are helpful
  11. by   nursingstudent9
    I can't find the either..
  12. by   nursingstudent9
    I meant to add "group"
  13. by   nurse.stg
    Did you look for the group through your phone or computer? Try the computer you should be able to find it