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Does anyone know about the app process and any kind of inside info about this program? Is anyone currently in this program or has completed it? How is/was it? How are the professors, clinicals, etc.?... Read More

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    Is it a straight through program or only fall and spring

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    I guess its possible... The only thing is that with UT's upper division, you absolutely have to apply and you can only apply sometime during the spring for the coming fall (apply spring 2012 to start upper division in fall 2012) or in the fall for the coming spring (september 2012 to start in spring 2013). You might want to talk to one of the advisors that is listed on the website. Or call the School of Nursing Advising Office to find out if that is possible. There are information sessions at the School of Nursing on December 2 and 6 so you might consider attending one of these. The sooner get going on your transfer the better because the pre-nursing major can be hard to get into. Its not impossible but possibly difficult.

    Check out this worksheet, figure up what courses you have already taken and see which ones you will have to take here and when they are offered (i.e. pharmacology is only offered during the spring and summer). If the school you go to doesn't use UT's numbering system, you can find the equivalent courses in the Undergraduate Catalog to be found at beALonghorn.utexas.edu.


    Hope this helps more....
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    You are only accepted into the upper division during the fall or spring, those are the only times you can start the professional sequence. After getting in, its only two more years.
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    Oh ok just wondering because uth and utmbs program doesn't have summer breaks so the 4 semester program is 15 months
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    After this spring semester ill have the two gov classes, ap2 and micro to complete. I was going to do ap2 and the two gov classes in the summer and micro and the rest of uts prereqs at ut. Is pharmacoly offered online?
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    Lol. Some pre-reqs MUST be taken at UT Austin, for example pharmacology. It is a humongous auditorium class and is famous for weeding out people. GL
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    I recently was accepted to UT Austin as a transfer student from University of Arizona. I am registered for orientation in July but I'm very worried that there won't be any available slots for me in classes that I need. Anyway, just wanted to say hi to other UT pre-nursing majors and learn some more about the ins and outs of UT Austin.
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    I'm a BSN graduate of UT and mention my school quite a bit on my blog. I uploaded the essay I used for admission and posted some reasons why it matters where you go to nursing school. Check it out. NurseGail.com

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