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UHV Second Degree BSN - Spring 2014

  1. 0 Hi there!

    Is anyone else applying to the Second Degree BSN Program at UHV - Sugarland campus for the spring 2014 term?

    I have been looking at the threads for previous years, but have not noticed a lot of activity in a while. I am starting this thread in hopes of finding others who are applying so we can go through the application/waiting process "together"!


    P.S. - This is my first topic to start. Hopefully I did it correctly...
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    Hi! I started a thread here~~> http://allnurses.com/texas-state-nur...ee-853372.html

    I hadn't seen yours, otherwise I would have responded! I'm sorry! Maybe because it's not under "Texas State Nursing Programs"
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    Apriljacklynn - thanks!! I was wondering why no one else had started a thread for this application period! I'll definitely check it out.
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    Moved to the Texas State Nursing Programs forum.