Tyler Junior College, ADN Program - Spring 2018

  1. Hey, everyone! I noticed there wasn't a thread for our cohort yet and thought there might be others out there like me that are also looking for some support as we go through the motions preparing for nursing school.

    How is everyone? Are you guys excited?? Nervous? Have there been any bumps along the way getting your health packet done?

    My name is Inge, by the way I'm looking forward to hearing about everyone's unique experiences!
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  3. by   symbiosis
    Something I read/listened to today that inspired this thread: https://www.nrsng.com/stay-organized-nursing-school/
    (Tips from a past nursing student)
  4. by   Renzo13
    I am currently a 4th level transition student at the Jacksonville location graduating in a few weeks, just want to say congrats to the ones that made it in and that TJC has an awesome program. It is challenging and you will be a little exhausted but it is worth it, the instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful just keep yourself organized and motivated...YOU GOT THIS!!!!
  5. by   symbiosis
    Hello, Renzo!! Thank you for your response and encouragement. Do you have any suggestions for those of us just starting out? Specifically, I want to ask if you would suggest some professors over others? (Registration is starting soon.) Congratulations on almost completing the program!