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hey guys! i wanted to stat a forum for us twu spring 2012 hopefuls! about me i have a 3.2, yikes! :sofahider, and after this summer it should come up to a 3.6 or 7 and i am studying my butt off for the teas and will only... Read More

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    I'm also applying to TWU for the Spring BSN program I have a 4.0 in Science and 3.6 overall with no retakes so I'm hoping to get in. I also applied to PVAMU, UTMB, UTH, and Lamar University because I'm a firm believer that you cannot put all your chickens in one basket. Good Luck to all as we get closer to the deadline.

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    WElcome all!! July is pretty much over...Getting closer
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    Hey guys! Another hopeful here for TWU Dallas spring '12. Ugh I am so nervous and feel I might have a breakdown before November gets here. I am so ready to get it started...I got a decent score on the Teas and have a 3.9 GPA, and I have 2 of the 4 first time As (AP II and Micro). Good luck to all you guys. ♥
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    Hello Monkey!! I am also applying for spring. I am taking two classes this summer that will hopefully bring me to a 3.5 or 6. I took my TEAS in the fall and did pretty well BUT I have not first attempt preferences. Ms. Garcia said that I should still be competitive with my test scores even though I have no first attempt preferences.
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    I am applying to TCC too. I have a 4.0 in my sciences and scored a high 85% on my TEAS. I still have to take the HESI for TCC. Is it harder or easier than TEAS? I think everyone on this forum has a great chance of getting in!
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    Yay! I got an 86% on my TEAS...I heard that the TEAS is actually a little harder than HESI, but I did not take it so I'm not sure. I read in another forum that TWU automatically considers those who do not get into the weekend program (2nd degree seeking students) for the traditional program...does anyone know if that's true? And if so, does it works both ways? So a 2nd degree seeker would automatically be considered for the weekend program if they don't get into the traditional? Hmmm...
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    I talked to the TWU advisor and they said that if a 2nd degree student was not admitted into the weekend program, they automatically go into the traditional program. I know when I applied I was able to choose between the two but your best bet is to pick both. Also, there isn't a spring weekend anymore, just fall. I prefer the weekend program over the traditional but I will accept anything if given the opportunity
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    Hello my fellow TWU hopefulls!!

    First, congratulations to all on such great GPA's and great TEAS V test scores!! I am also applying to the spring semester....very anxious! I have a 3.69 GPA currently, and am taking the TEAS in a week or two. I am very most of you are...since november is SOOOOO far away ! good luck to everyone!!
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    Hi all,

    This is my first time in here, too. I ll apply for TWU for Spring 2012. I am trying to find a study guide for teas V exam which I plan to take in August. I am very nervous, because I took it for the last semester, and couldnt pass it I dont want to buy online stuff bc it will take a long time to have it. Do I have to buy a specific book for teas V, or any teas exam study guide would be similar?

    Any comment or info would help me. Thanks..
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    I actually ordered my TEAS V study guide on the ATI testing site, it wasn't that expensive considering there is plenty material to study with and also a practice test at the end!! You could also use study guides like the ACt study guide or the NET study guide which I'm also using. You might also want to look online for free material to study just google it, I found a few things there too. Also you can check out websites such as which sells used books. Good luck! If you need any more help feel free to ask!


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