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Hello everyone!:wavey: I am starting this thread... a year early. That is how much I want to be accepted into the Fall 2013 BSN program at TWU in Dallas. I am taking my TEAS on August 30 so that... Read More

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    I am also applying to Dallas. I do not get the .4 bump on the GPA but luckily I got all 4 first attempt A's. Is anyone going to take Pathophysiology in the summer before the Fall semester? I am going to take it to get it out of the way to lessen my work load my first semester. Or has anyone by any chance already taken it?
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    I'm taking it right now in Dallas.
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    Quote from nanerz13
    I'm taking it right now in Dallas.
    Oh cool. How is it so far? Are you taking it alone or with other classes?
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    I think I am planning on taking Pathophysiology in summer also! Does anyone happen to know the dates for signing up for that? I wonder if they offer a pure online course or one that only meets once a week or something...
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    Hello EVERYONE!!!!

    I am so nervous, I have good TEAS stats (84%) and 3/4 first attempt As but my GPA is a 3.3-3.5 because of my first semester in college. My past 4 semesters have been nothing but 3.75-4.0 though. I would relaylove to get in but I am super nervous!!! I just sent in my application. AHH!

    Any tips and recommendations and hope for me?

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    I took Pathophysiology in the Fall when I retook my history and government class. I took it at the Denton campus with ****. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. I got a B but if it was the only course I was taking I would've been able to make an A for sure. I've heard if you take it at the Denton campus it's a lot easier than the Dallas/Houston one. It was interesting but nothing like A&P and micro, we were just berated with information.
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    Don't say the professor's name...
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    Applying for the Fall 2013 semester in Houston

    I just got my scores back for my TEAS and I scored a 92% composite score! I'm super excited, but after reading a few of the posts on here, I'm a little worried that it may not be enough. My GPA is a 3.28 right now and if I retake a couple of the courses I got C's in, I could bring it up to a 3.5 by the start of the spring, but it would be too late to make a difference on my application. I didn't get any of the first attempt A's either, which I'm also a little worried about. I work as a PCT in the Med Center, but I don't even think they look into that stuff at this stage. Anyone else applied for the Houston Fall 2013 semester?

    - Amanda
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    Happy deadline day!!! Only a little more time to go...
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    I applied to the Houston location even though I live in Dallas I am still hoping to get in though!
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    Now, we wait.... I hope we don't have to wait that long! Best of luck to you all
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    Hello everyone!! I applied for the fall 2013 program! I finally passed the Teas! My twin sister was accepted this past fall so she is in there now! I hope to Join her! We have similar Gpa and teas score so I'm hoping for the best!! I want to meet my former classmates !!
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    How does your sister like the program so far? Is she at the Houston or Dallas location?