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Hello, I am taking the TEAS V this Thursday and sooo nervous. I am taking the second practice test from the study guide tomorrow and trying not to worry too much... Anyone else applying to TWU-Dallas... Read More

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    Cluman, I said the same thing. My boyfriend and I were at lunch while I was compulsively checking my email, I told him to read it to me to be sure I wasn't imagining things. I hope they didn't send it to the wrong person :/ lol
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    Congrats everyone!

    FB group: TWU Dallas Accepted Nursing Students Fall '12
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    Hey DFWgal, I can't get it to pull up... If I pm you, can you add me?
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    I sent you the link via PM. Let's see if it works
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    I'm IN, too!!!!!! just awesome. Just.... can't... I'm perplexing!!! hahaha
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    add me to the group :P
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    Congrats! I received my acceptance email on thursday, the 29th as well. I believe I posted on the other forum though.

    DFWgal could you please send me the link, I couldn't pull it up. Thanks!

    & again congratulations to us and I look forward to meeting you all!
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    Congrats to everyone! I can't find the group on FB (I'll be starting the weekend program in the fall). What is the group called?