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It was recommended on the other page that we start a thread for TWU's Fall 2011 Dallas accepted nursing students. Here you go! Lets be cordial and get to know everyone. We are going to be doing the same thing and seeing one... Read More

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    have you heard of anyone getting in without first attempt A's?

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    do you know of anyone that got accepted without any first attempt A's? im getting really gloomy, i have a 3.8 and an 90+ on teas though
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    do you know of anyone that got in without any first attempt As? i have a very solid 3.8 and above 90 on teas. i wonder how those attempts affect me
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    I had a 3.72 and scored a 80 on my teas. I was able to get in. I'm not sure how they determine it, but don't be discouraged. I know that some people got in as alternates so be hopeful, and good luck!
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    I got a 79 on my teas and a 3.86 gpa and A's on 3 first attempts. Don't be discouraged I think you will get in.

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